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If you live in SW or SE London, Princess Plumbing will be your local plumber. A real person will answer and despatch a qualified plumber to your door in a trice.

We'll fix that pesky leak!

We repair and maintain domestic pipework. Ask Princess Plumbing to cast an expert eye over your internal pipework.

What our customers say

Did you know 66% of people prefer a female plumber because of their attention to detail? While 54% say they feel reassured to see a female plumber...

Princely Project management

Bathrooms are a speciality: we offer a full installation service, or work on showers, baths, basins, taps or WC’s individually.

Why Choose Us?

In short, because no one likes a builders bum!

If you're fed up of being ripped off and feeling intimidated by chunky blokes who make you feel that you can't ask questions and think that they can take you for granted! Princess Plumbing is a real, reliable, honest service for the honest people of South London.

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  • builders bum